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Informationen on the Enterprise Transformation – Motivation, Basics, Implementations and Perspectives
First new locations, updated enterprise standards and the new design & performance level devices here from II Qr 2022

1 Climate and Environmental Protection

(i) The original motivation of the Enterprise Founding shall be implemented now by the provable assertion of the 'Circular Economy Principle' to support the Goals 12, 13 and 17 of the 'United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' and the associated 'European Commission's Circular Economy Action Plan / For a cleaner and more competitive Europe', and to comply with the German Circular Economy Act to accelerate the transition from the unlimited resource consumption and the associated climate change towards a regenerative growth model that gives back to the planet more than it takes.

(ii) As a forerunner of 'sustainable product design' with the 'ISAP Integrated Product & Service' and 'Highly Recyclable Modular Design Strategies' as per the founding tenets 'Sustainable technical solutions for human and nature by current state-of-the-art technology, overhead cost-cutting, maintenance- and eco-friendly, highly recyclable modular design' from 1989, each ISAP Equipment comes with an application-oriented 'ISAP Care & Support Package'. This package contains as well:
(a) easy to apply technical requirements for a seccessful initial operation and the suitable daily care routine as wall as a support contract with discounted tools & spare parts sets, on-site module exchange supplies, and for equipment usage period extensions with obligatory exchange of overaged battery cells, synthetics, connectors, toothed belts, modules with outdated standards, and inspection, overhaul, and recalibration of all equipment sensors, including meteorological stations, and inlet or filter holder impactor stages, if any, as well as upgrades of unsupported versions and expired usage licenses of the Equipment Firmware and the Comfort Control Software to keep the advanced 'ISAP Equipment' long-term in mint condition, as:
(b) easy to apply legal requirements for a complete compliance care with references about the contractually pre-agreed intended usage, location(s), and all applicable legal provisions during the total equipment lifetime, that means from the eco-friendly highly recyclable modular design up to obligatory early notifications of the final termination of usage for timely assistance with manufacturer's carriage and fees paid return service, receipt and completeness report, and documented exculpation of the Stakeholders for the most competent and eco-friendly final treatment by recycling and remains disposal of the delivered equipment at manufacturer's site.

(iii) IMPORTANT: the provable assertion of the 'Circular Economy Principle' and its associated automatically enabled fully compliance within the applicable high risk law fields that are listed in the sub-paragraphs [2.3.3 (i) to (vii)]* requires legal knowledge and a timely professional cooperation of all involved Stakeholders. Thus, the Distribution & Support Partners, Customers and Equipment Operators shall timely check if the distributed, receipt or used ISAP Equipment is currently defective or/and out of the agreed usage period or/and finally out of use. In these cases, it is recommended that the Stakeholders shall inform ISAP timely and provable via their Online Support Area or by eContact form to enable a prompt and legal solution. This shall also include a verification if there are still missing public relation material releases or authors's copies of technical or scientific publications respectively their order numbers of publishing house for the compensation of special discounts or services by the transfer of usage rights on adequate or/and e about the usage of ISAP equipment were provided, to enable ISAP informed answers on direct readers' queries and for a conclusive confirmation of the consideration [2.3.1 (iv) / 2.3.5 (iv) (d)]*.

* The strings in [] are the sub-paragraph designations of the associated ISAP Compliance framework / measures, that can be opened by the link 'Legal Notice, Terms of Services, Privacy Statement' (on top of this page) in a new tab for a contemporaneously reading.

(iv) Due to the optional equipment usage period extensions and the authorities approved and passed special discounts on the timely procurement of identical or similar equipment after the properly executed recycling, the application of the climate and environment-friendly 'Circular Economy Principle' results in relevant profits for all Stakeholders.

2 Innovative Series Production

(i) One of the core foundations of the Enterprise Transformation is the main focus shift within the enterprise division 'Aerosol Sampling Systems' with the change from the former temporary small series manufacturing to large standard series cell production sessions with optimized assemblings and final testings by the 'ISAP Local Assembling Stock-keeping & Testing Units (ISAP LAST Units)' for a sustainable high trademark reputation by the long-term preservation of the enterprise product guarantee 'state-of-the-art equipment with constant total quality, short delivery periods and best value for money'.

(ii) For the development of the basics and the workflows for a maximized performance and efficiency, the first prototype unit was installed in 2014 already.

3 Clean Air

(i) The self-committing founding mission is the new identifier of the Enterprise Transformation for the step-wise intensification of the international business by several new locations in selected countries on several continents. New local Teams shall offer most advanced products and services within the emerging market 'Environmental Engineering' meeting the enterprise competence topics with longterm experiences in 'Automation Engineering' and 'Information Technology'.

(ii) The principle intentions are the more globally enhanced sphere of the self-committing 'Clean Air Mission', implemented by the continuously refined technology of the automated sampling systems and the (low-pressure) cascade impactors and cascade impactor inlets in the division' with several key design and functional features and diverse unique characteristics, and since 1993 with an average rate of one per year world first developments ready to go into production, as well as by the application-oriented automated Environmental Simulation Plants' operated by scalable distributed control systems.

(iii) The 'Clean Air Aid Program' with authorithies approved and passed exceptional discounts and further special conditions of the 'Care & Support Packages' with additional scientific consultance with established environmental authority laboratory work flows to support Custmers who are first timer in laboratory works.

(v) While the 'Aerosol Sampling Systems' detect and monitor the health-relevant air quaility – catchword 'fine dust concentration threshold values' – the 'Environmental Simulation Plants' identify in time lapse the impact of the concentrations of corrosive gases, salts, and microbiology as well as the the impact of different protection sealings on mineralogy such as stones – catchwords 'culture-building alterability and precautions'.

(vi) These systems and plants shall also allow quantitative studies of the impacts of the concentration values on plants and animals, estimations of the cause-effect-chains in nature and in farming – catchwords 'biodiversity', 'mixed forest', 'monoculture', 'mushrooms', 'worms', 'insects', 'wildlife animals', and 'animal husbandry'.

4 Compliance, Due Diligence and Best Practice

(i) The legal basics of the Enterprise Transformation are the since 2016 intensified formulated compliance measures for all applicable legal areas with the finalized fine-tunings on 1 July 2021 with the supervising Authorities, responsible Chamber, and competent Federation, that are currently implemented into the affected enterprise standards as binding best practice provisions.

(ii) To stay compliant, even on high numbers of new, amended and repealed, more complex and interacting legal and technical norms and prevailing case-law, these are timely detected and processed for prompt adjustment of the standards. These are shared between the registered Stakeholders to accomplish most prompt and maximum possible legal clarity and certainty.

(iii) This approach applies globally and shall be implemented and cared for all locations by a new Central Unit.

5 Requirement and Knowledge Management

(i) The directions on new and further developments are clarified by discussions with sophisticated scientists regularly. The international direction shall apply also for (a) the continuation of the very important cooperations with leading scientists, beside the enterprise founding responsible for lots of ideas for new and most advanced plant and device developments meeting their needs, (b) the own scientific team and advisory board members, and for (c) the continuation of the furtherance of bachelor and master theses, to generate new knowledge to enable the development of innovative equipment or options, that meets the Customers special demands, often related to the creation of a new state-of-the-art technology.

(ii) Also, because the enterprise itself is a spin-off from a university, the 'Customer Onboarding' was a matter of cource since the enterprise founding in 1989: with advanced Aerosol Sampling Systems or an application-oriented and fully automated Environmental Simulation Plant shall enable the Customers and Equipment Operators to be preeminently successful with their scientific, commercial or official work in clean air matters.

(ii) Thus, currently all Aerosol Sampling Systems are in re-design with several new unique characteristics for a new state-of-the-art and shall be launched in the second quarter 2022 with the new design and performance Level DPL II Q 2022.

For further information about the transformation, the compliance measures and the Circular Economy Principle as per 'the Goals 12, 13 and 17 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations A/RES/70/1 (UN)', the 'Circular Economy Action Plan for a cleaner and more competitive Europe (EU) COM(2020) 98 final', and the former applicable provisions have a look at:

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External link 1 (copy & paste): - Sustainable Development / Climate-Change (UN Website with basics about the sustainable development and the Climate change with further information links).

External link 2 (copy & paste): - download of the Circular Economy Action Plan for a cleaner and more competitive Europe.

External link 3 (copy & paste): - the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (Website with all basics of the Circular Economy Principle and their calculable sustainable economic efficiency).

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